On February 9th, 2015 I started a new chapter in one of the most important books I will ever read, or write for that matter — The Book of Liz, First Edition Published 1966. Fourth Edition, February 2015.

Needless to say, there are other Books: “The Book” (the Bible); The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks); The Book of Awesome (Neil Pasricha’s celebration of the little things and moments in life) and The Little Black Book — to name but a few.

And then there is my book: The Book of Liz.

Two years ago, when I started to write my newest chapter, I decided it was time to live one day at a time. I wanted to be mindful of the moment, of everything that is good in life rather than dwell on the negative and what I cannot change. Now, each step I take in my “life in the moment” is a new page in the current chapter of my book!

I have learned that there’s no point in writing in pencil. I can’t erase the past. Once your day is done, it can’t be changed or erased. 

But your decisions can be accepted. Not excused. But accepted. So now, I try a little harder to live in the moment and be mindful of how I am living my life.

The new chapter was a new beginning. As part of my new beginning, I found and started practicing yoga. Now, I take the time to pause, breathe, and reflect. Yoga has taught me strength – emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I am rewarded by a sense of peace that settles on me every time I come through the studio doors or find a mat or cushion.

I have become a better person, mother, wife, daughter, family member, friend and contributor to the community at large as a result of my new chapter that includes living my life with yoga.

Many of you have heard the story of how I fell into becoming a studio owner.  For those of you who haven’t, I will tell it once again:

I was, and still am, a beginner yogi. I had an injury that had prevented me from attending the former studio for several months.  I was not on Facebook, and I had no idea that it was about to close. Fortunately, I attended a class the day before the studio closed and was informed by Cedar that it would be her last class at the studio, but she hoped that it wasn’t the end.

I walked away from that class and thought “It can’t be the end! I need this place, this community! What’ll I do? ” So, I went home, I phoned the former studio’s owner in Greece, and the deal was done.   As you can imagine, it was an interesting chat with my husband when he came home from a night shift, exhausted from working all night and not having slept for 24 hours.  I’m not unconvinced that he was so tired that he didn’t hear me right lol! But he agreed, and we agreed to go for it!

Voila!  PŪR YOGA Toronto was born. 

Over the past six months since PŪR YOGA Toronto opened its doors, a few more pages have been written in my book. I love being at the studio every day with women and men I admire and respect, and teachers whom have taught me to appreciate and embrace my moments.

Thank you! 

I'm honoured to be able to introduce myself to you briefly and to be part of your community. Please come back to this blog every Sunday to get to know our teachers and learn a little bit more about yoga, fitness and wellness and the PŪR YOGA Toronto community.

I have many more pages and chapters yet to write for The Book of Liz. I look forward to the story yet to unfold. I’m glad you will be part of it.