As we reflect on the various ways to incorporate February’s theme of the month of “courage” into our daily lives, we asked some of PŪR Yoga Toronto’s teachers for their perspectives on a pose which to them demonstrates (and requires!) courage.  Here’s what they said:

“,,, for me it’s child’s pose. Courage to stop when you need to stop. Courage to look deeply inside yourself, to recognize what you see, to have compassion for it, to be okay with it, and to listen to it – even if it is completely different than what everybody else is doing in a class.  It's very difficult for me to do child’s pose at home when all the boys are around and I'm feeling stressed out or anxious or frenetic, or just plain scared. I just don't want to stop long enough and tune in to what's really there. It's just so much easier to pour a glass of wine or grab something treaty to eat, but when I do, when I let myself be vulnerable in my own body and let the scary monsters take shape, I feel braver than a modern-day gladiator. 

Angela Yazbek



“To me, courage is being willing to look at the world differently, to change your approach and try new things, being open to new perspectives and the unknown... I automatically thought "upside down." Handstand at the wall, L-shape at the wall for beginners?”

Lisa Veronese

Video inspiration:

 “For me courage is rooted in release of self judgement.  Accepting myself, my abilities, and my limitations without passing harsh and very critical judgement on myself.  For me to find my courage, I have to release all that holds me back and to trust the powers beyond me will hold me safe.  For me the pose Camatkarasana or "wild thing" brings these elements together every time.  Allows my heart to open, find my strength and trust I will be safe.  And, its upside-down view gives me a new perspective – on myself and my attitudes.  Not a beginner pose but can be modified with downward dog to achieve similar effect.”

Toni Blay

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Please take a moment to share your thoughts on what courage means to you.  Our comment section is below.