PŪR Yoga Toronto believes in a world where kindness, compassion, sharing and giving are core to the values of every person. We believe in community and nurturing relationships between people and the world around them.

It is our hope that members leave the studio feeling renewed, refreshed and more grounded.  This self-care allows them to be better connected with themselves and better able to manage the stresses in their daily lives.  

The intention of PŪR Yoga Toronto is to build and sustain a special energy and spirit that grows in the community and which keeps them coming back for peace and good health, both physically and spiritually.

In keeping with this philosophy, our blogs will offer insight into the practice of yoga and mindfulness.  Visit our website each Sunday to read about yoga poses related to our monthly theme, your teachers' journies, healthy recipes or studio news.  

We look forward to reading your comments on our blogs.  In keeping with our mission to promote health and well-being PŪR Yoga Toronto will accept negative feedback on this site. However, we will remove any inappropriate behaviour.  We reserve the right to take down photos, comments, and other materials that we deem inappropriate.