As I was thinking about which yoga pose to highlight in connection with our April theme of “rejuvenate, restore and reconnect”, I must admit I struggled a bit.  How could I pick just one pose? I find my yoga practice in its entirety is what makes me feel rejuvenated, restored and reconnected. But as I continued to ponder this issue, I decided that Shavasana is the single yoga pose I would pick.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to select corpse pose (the translation of Shavasana) as a pose that demonstrates rejuvenation, restoration and re-connection, it is the feeling that comes from completing Shavasana (following the exertions of our practice) that makes me feel rejuvenated, restored and reconnected to my body and the world around me.

I recently came across an interesting (and humorous) article on the benefits of Shavasana –

Below are links to two videos on the same topic.  The first provides tips on the pose, and the second video offers a 20 minute guided Shavasana which I find particularly useful and relaxing before bed:

Enjoy your practice and the benefits of Shavasana!