Join Deborah Lim in-studio on Sundays for either Beginners’ Yoga or for Mindfulness and Meditation – or both!

1.      Why is practicing yoga important to you and your life?

Practicing yoga is important to me because it helps me in so many ways in my life. It touches every single aspect of my life because Yoga is not just the asana practice, but a philosophy and perspective on life. It has given me a new outlook on life.

2.      What is your best piece of advice or etiquette tip for students of yoga?

Come a few minutes early to class so that you can connect with people and get to know them - yoga can open doors to a new community. Also, you’ll have time to settle in and get a few extra moments to yourself to relax in savasana!

3.      What is your favourite mantra or meditation?

Om Namah Sivaya really resonates with me, because it calls on Siva, who transforms and destroys the old to bring the new. We are all in a process of transformation. When we are able to let go the old, the new has room to enter into our lives.

4.      What is your biggest motivation or motivator?

My biggest motivation is to enjoy life and grow.  To stay in the same place is not possible. It might feel good to stay the same for a while, but eventually it becomes uncomfortable. We can choose whether we participate in this change, or resist. Either way, change will happen…I’d like to enjoy what I have now as much as possible because it won’t be here forever.

My biggest motivation for teaching is making a positive impact on someone, whether physical, mental, or emotional. The size of impact doesn’t matter, we don’t truly know what impact we have on others until after it happens. The smallest things can make a big difference to someone’s day, week, year, or life!

5.      What are you grateful for?

Most of all, I am grateful for connections with others. It is our relationships we have that enrich our lives, not the things we buy. But, I try to be grateful for everything that comes into my life, because even our difficulties are precious learning opportunities.

6.      How do you cross-train?

Right now, I love dancing. An old love has come back, ballet, and a new love has entered the picture – contra dancing. Walking, hiking, swimming, and napping are pretty amazing too! J

7.      What is your favourite recipe?

I don’t have a favourite recipe because I rarely measure anything and cannot be bothered to follow a recipe to the tee, knowing that a surprise could taste just as good! I love to eat and cook lots of different cuisines and be creative. What I cook changes based on what I feel like eating at that time, so whatever is in season and available in my fridge or pantry is what goes into my dishes. No two dishes ever taste exactly the same J

8.      What would we find in your kitchen/fridge?

There isn’t space or time to list everything! There are lots of ingredients and different varieties of everything, as I prefer to cook my own meals from scratch. Fruit, veggies, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, noodles, tofu, seed butters (peanut butter, tahini, etc.), jams, frozen fruit and veggies, chocolate, spices, and the list goes on...If you’re really interested, come take a look for yourself!

9.      What is your favourite book?

This is a difficult question because there are so many good books out there, whatever I read last is usually my favourite. Mainly it’s a difficult question because I prefer not to be defined in any particular way - I’m always changing. So, I’m way, but especially not by my choice of sometime at any one point in time!

The last book I read (and my latest favourite) is “Gut: An Inside Story of our Body’s most Underrated Organ” by Giulia Enders. It’s an easy read to understand our digestive system, plus it has a bonus feature - illustrations!