We asked our instructors for their best piece of advice or etiquette tip for students of yoga, and here’s what they told us:

Come a few minutes early to class so that you can connect with people and get to know them - yoga can open doors to a new community. Also, you’ll have time to settle in and get a few extra moments to yourself to relax in sav asana!

– Deborah Lim

Arrive to your class on time.

Be aware of how your presence bleeds off your mat energetically to the spaces around you —wearing strong scents, breathing loudly or taking your own practice too far off the beaten path can all detract from the experiences of others. Be conscientious and aware of others, and share your energy in balance.

 – Lisa Veronese

Patience.  You need lots and lots.

 – Melissa Linton

Show up at least 5 minutes before class start time.  Turn your phone off and pack it away.

Let go of your inner judge.  This is your time to communicate with your body and mind.  There is no room for judgement in communication.

 – Toni Blay

Have a sense of humour!  And just as important: come to the practice with incredible curiosity about the way you and your mind/heart/body operate.  In fact, see if you can eventually replace judgment with curiosity. 

Each pose is a chance to become a sort of anthropologist in the study of your own self.  The yoga tradition calls this contemplative practice svadhyaya. 

A successful Hatha practice, in my view, is one where the yogi achieves a subtle awareness, and a compassionate delight in the miracle of this body, in all its life stages, successes and struggles.

– Sheila Gill

Yoga is about You. Your body. Your breath. Your practice.

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be über flexible. You don't need to look like the yogis posting beautiful pictures on Instagram. Don't compare.

You just need to be able to breathe and be open to getting to know your body.

Yoga is not about Lululemon’s and the perfect body.

Yoga is about coming to the mat exactly as you are, how you are, in this perfectly imperfect body with this perfectly messy life. 

 – Angela Yazbek

Just simply…Let it go.  Refrain from judgement. 

Yoga is about moving energy within us, getting rid of “stuff” that we have stored and don’t need.  Inhale what you need and exhale what you no longer desire.

– Kate Graham

Beginning March 12th, we will feature a Question and Answer with one of our instructors on the third Sunday of each month.  We think it will be a great way for you to get to know more about them and about the philosophy we promote at PŪR Yoga Toronto.