African Drum Circle Rhythm Exchange

African Drum Circle Rhythm Exchange

Let’s get together at PUR Yoga for an afternoon of African Rhythm Exchange!!

Join Osman of MoptiDRUMS Ensemble for a Saturday of West African percussion.

No experience necessary. DROP-INs also WELCOME!!!

Feel free to bring your Djembe Drum if you have one.

If you do not have a drum, COME STILL!!

Drums can be booked during pre-registration for $10 (see link below). There may also be a limited number of drums available for drop-ins!!

Other percussion instruments also welcome but beginner instructions will only be provided for the Djembe Drum!

Date: 27 April, 2019
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Energy Exchange:
$20+hst to attend for all guests
$10+hst to rent a drum from Osman (purchase separately via link below)

Awakening the Shakti: Celebrate the Divine Feminine

Awakening the Shakti: Celebrate the Divine Feminine

Awaken and celebrate the divine feminine creative aspect of the Universe!

The Shakti qualities are expressed as nurturance, strength, compassion, creativity, beauty, sensitivity, intuition, patience, intelligence, and tolerance. Join Toni Blay as we acknowledge and affirm the Shakti—the primal power within and around you.

Unleash the coiled energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and awaken your Shakti energy. Here is where deep cleansing, healing and transformation takes place. This special 1.5 hour ceremony and practice will focus on awakening and balancing the Shakti and Shiva energies through breath work, Kriya, meditation, and practice.

When: May 11th, 1:30-3:00 pm

Investment: FREE for PUR members and class pass holders, $30 for non-members

Please book through our class schedule to reserve your spot:

Iyengar Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

Iyengar Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

A therapeutic workshop for all levels!

Feeling tight and stiff in the shoulder region is one of the most common complaints in the body.

Starting with simple exercises and working towards asanas, this workshop will explore ways to support and bring balance to the shoulder complex and cervical spine.

Work through plateaus in mobility, range of motion and reduce the risk of repetitive strain.

$30 per person before May 10
$35 regular
$40 at door

all prices have additional HST

Summer Solstice Practice: Exploring Variations on Sun Salutations

Summer Solstice Practice: Exploring Variations on Sun Salutations

SUMMER SOLSTICE PRACTICE: Moving Beyond Chaturunga and Upward Dog


Is that all there is my friend? Well, let’s keep dancing…. Join Toni Blay in an exploration of new and exciting forms of Sun Salutations - from the traditional Surya Namaskar A through C, through a myriad of creative ways to practice sun salutations for every client beginner to advanced. As the universe moves into longer days, together let’s celebrate the warmth and magic of the sun, and discover your own version of a sun salutation – finally, let’s move Beyond Chaturunga and Upward Dog.

Special 2 hour practice and workshop.

When: June 22nd, 1:30-3:30pm

Investment: $40+hst, 10% discount for members