Darren Austin Hall's Sacred Music Night, Song-Channelings & Wisdom Transmissions at PŪR

Join us for an enchanting evening diving into the healing power of sound with shamanic music maestro and sound healer!

Darren Austin Hall performs crystal singing bowls and shares his powerful soul-singing. Sound and music are being reclaimed as the mystical and healing arts of their ancient origins. The celestial tones of crystal bowls exude extraordinary pure vibrational tones that restore us to harmonic health.

Since a child, Darren has been gifted as a 'song-channeller' and has been honing the spiritual powers of his voice for many years to bring forth profound healing and guide deep mystical journeys.

Darren will share an evening of shamanically inspired music of sacred inspiration. He will channel songs of profound healing energy, also bringing forth wisdom transmissions of spiritual revelation that will stir our souls to awakening and open the wings of the heart. Darren also will have on hand his heavenly alchemy crystal bowls that fuse the power of quartz with other precious gemstones and metals such as copper, moldavite, and gold, including his 528hz bowl. The vibrations they emit are incredibly high and divine. He will also perform Tibetan bowls, koshi chimes and other salving instrumentation to entice deep states of relaxation where the wisdom of our souls can speak clearly to us through the oracle of our heart-space. Enchantment awaits!

Check more of Darren, his music, his teachings at www.darrenaustinhall.com. He will also be featured at this year's Toronto Yoga Show in April once again and will be bringing his incredible CHAKRA JOURNEY concert there as one of the main events!

Early bird tickets before May 1: $30

Regular tickets after May 1: $35

At the door: $40