Join Lana for a 2 hour deep dive into the practice of Yin Yoga. Summer is the season of fire, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, relates to the organ of the Heart. 

Yin Yoga is a practice that allows us to slow down and turn inward. Poses are done close to the floor and are held for 2-5 minutes. In these long passive holds we affect our connective tissue, have an opportunity to practice mindfulness, and give ourselves a mini acupressure session. 

We will focus on poses that nourish the energy pathways of the Heart and Small Intestine organ pairing, tapping into joy and compassion. The last 30 minutes will include some purely Restorative poses. Lana and her partner Narada will offer a special savasana serenade to close the class.

Cool down and embrace stillness!


When: June 15th, 7:00-9:00pm

Pricing: early bird $30 (until June 5), regular $35, at the door $40