Calling all women who are ready to go deep into the heart for a day of nourishment, sound and energy connection and immense relaxation right here in East Toronto at PŪR Yoga Toronto.

In this deeply transformational experience, we will gather in traditional women's circles and ceremony to honor the divine feminine that is within all of us. We will offer women a solo nature experience to deepen your connection with your true self and the earth. Additionally the day will be filled with writing and art workshops, yoga, movement, cacao and rose water ceremonies, crystal sound healing and meditation. Through this experience, we will build deep connections together while opening our hearts in a new way.

What you can expect to experience during this relaxing 1/2 Day Local Retreat :

1.Women’s Rose Water & Rose Oil Self-Love Ceremony ::

As women we have such a great capacity for love...for others, for humanity, for Mother nature.

Ananda will lead a beautiful experience in Self-Love and Self-Care through the art of the rose water ceremony.

Roses can evoke day dreams of far-away lands where fat, pink roses bloom in palace gardens, swaying gently next to bejewelled statues. Or, it can conjure images of English country gardens, where rose bushes nestle between wildflowers as tipsy bees lazily flit from flower to flower.

Rose Water is highly beneficial to tone and nourish the skin. Rose water benefits also include improving blood circulation—specifically when placed on the scalp—and stimulating hair growth. Some people use it to soothe tired and fatigued eyes, rinsing their eyes with it before they head to bed. The fragrance of Rose Water helps to lift and elevate your mood. It is also said to bring emotional strength and assists in improving your ability to love.

Whatever your intention may be, cleansing yourself and your home with rose water is a simple and effective way to refresh your energy.

2. Women's Cacao Ceremony & Intentional Chanting

Ananda will be leading some sensual, embodied and grounded movements to allow us to experience the Power of our Sensuality as Women and to free our Bodies before freeing our Voices.

Ananda will then lead us into some heart-earth-centered chanting, calling in Elements, Deities and the Power of Sisterhood. You will be invited to dedicate these songs and channel their energies towards anything that you wish to see manifest or nurture (e.g. relationship, Goddess, courage, etc.). Our intentions will be amplified by our collective chant and we will all be supporting each other in our healing and manifestation process.

3. Women’s Healing Circle~Claim your Love ::

Women's Circles are a form of council. For thousands of years, across cultures from around the world, people have been sitting in council with the intent to heal and share wisdom. Through storytelling, we serve each other by being witnesses to each other, and by giving women the chance to be seen. For many of us, we find that listening is more profound than sharing, for what we have in common as women is far greater than what separates us.

With each circle, there is a sacred altar filled with flowers, crystals, and nature elements. We invite each woman to bring an object for the altar, as a way to build community and add to our sacred space.

Each session begins with a guided meditation. Traditionally, meditation was intended to be done in groups and is most effective this way.

Next, women are invited to share with the use of a talking piece. Sharing this way is different than a conversation. We only speak from the "I," refrain from cross talking, and only speak to our own experience. This holds the sacred space so that each woman has the freedom to explore their truth.

We maintain boundaries of the circle with pride by promising each other confidentiality. This allows for safety in speaking our truth and connecting through our vulnerabilities.

4. Kundalini Yoga/Breath work ::

Peel back the layers of conditioning beliefs to awaken who you truly are at the soul level through energy infused Kundalini Yoga kriyas, a goddess flow yoga practice, mantras, and breath work to gently awaken the kundalini energy and the love, light, and truth within you.

This is an invitation for all of those who feel this Rebirth. The time is now to reclaim our feminine Power and to sing the song of Love to the Goddess. Through our Bodies as sacred Temples, we honor Her. Let our bodies be vessels for the Goddess to live. In honouring and loving ourselves, we honor and love Her.

Imagine a Feminine Temple Space, especially created to honor the Goddess within and without yourself. A safe space for women to be themselves and to express themselves in the most free and creative ways while benefiting from the support and comfort of their Sacred Sisters. This is… The Embodied Goddess Temple ♥ ♥ ♥

5. Sacral Therapy : Art Workshop

We will begin with a chakra meditation we will then dive into the universal force by free writing for 20 minutes. We will then be using paint pencils to take our visualization of the sacral chakra and bringing this into the earthly plane. Our manifestations, creations, passions will be brought to life in this workshop.

6. We will end with a special Reiki Circle Ceremony with CRYSTAL BOWL SOUND HEALING.

Connecting to each other, sending energy to each other and to someone we love. Bring a photo of someone you want reiki energy sent to as well if you'd like. Please feel free to bring any high vibration items such as, flowers, fruit, crystals, essential oils or instruments would be helpful for this circle.

~ $60 Advance ticket
~ $70 at the door

We look forward to indulging in this sacred bubble for Healing & Expansion with all of you. ♥