A quick note that the Awakening Shakti practice is being featured at 10:45 am Saturday, May 11th with Toni Blay. Hope you can join us!


FREE for PUR members and class pass holders

$30 plus HST for non-members

Awaken and celebrate the divine feminine creative aspect of the Universe!

The Shakti qualities are expressed as nurturance, strength, compassion, creativity, beauty, sensitivity, intuition, patience, intelligence, and tolerance. Join Toni Blay as we acknowledge and affirm the Shakti—the primal power within and around you.

Unleash the coiled energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and awaken your Shakti energy. Here is where deep cleansing, healing and transformation takes place. This special 1.5 hour ceremony and practice will focus on awakening and balancing the Shakti and Shiva energies through breath work, Kriya, meditation, and practice.