It is vital that we make time in our life for own healing, creating space so we can let go. This workshop will explain how and why we hold on to past emotions and the impact this has on us both physically and energetically as well as the importance of self-care practices. By focusing on breath, simplified movements and flow we begin to unravel the chronically held tension from our bodies, quiet down our fight or flight response and begin the process to release stress and trauma. Slowing down our movements, connecting to our breath and listening to the subtle whispers of our body we begin this healing journey together. 

In this practice we will combine breathing practices, meditations and mindful movement that will include hip openers, spinal stretches and psoas release (gentle shaking.) Anyone can attend, prior yoga experience is not required, options throughout the practice will be provided.

Lisa Greenbaum is a certified yoga therapist and International yoga presenter based in Toronto. She has been teaching yoga and fitness since 2001 and specializes in trauma-informed practices and working with clients with PTSD. Lisa is a current teacher at PUR: Yin Yang Yoga Thursdays at 7pm and Dynamic Flow Sundays at 11am. 

When: October 5, 2019

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Price: $40+hst, $45 at the door, 10% discount for members