At PŪR YOGA Toronto, we have created a calm, bright and open space that is available for private functions.  We have hosted private lessons, book and CD launches, photo shoots, art groups, drum circles and other fitness programs. 

We would also be delighted to design a yoga or other related event for you. 

 Located on the lower level at 2245 Queen Street East, our 1450 sq. ft. studio is open concept and has a speaker system, coffee station and full bathroom.  

Please contact us to discuss our rental rates. 

Studio photos by Tara Ann Comisso

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions provide personalized instruction and teachings just for YOU! Based on your health, fitness ability and goals for practice. Gain confidence, improve mental health and mindfulness skills in addition to becoming stronger and more mobile. Great for beginners to Yoga to the most advanced practitioner. 

Our PŪR Teachers have a wide variety of knowledge to assist you on your path using Yoga to: build strength, reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, healing from emotional or physical trauma, reduce symptoms of PTSD, assist with arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis or chronic pain, assist pre or post-surgery, addiction recovery and more. 

Rates vary based on seniority of teacher, length of sessions, in studio and in home lessons. Sessions may be 30, 60 or 90 minutes in length and semi-private lessons are also available.

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