Our team is made up of experienced, committed teachers who strive to better their students' lives and their own by encouraging healthy and peaceful lifestyles and sharing a genuine joy within our community.


+ Angela Yazbek

Yoga Certifications: • RYT 200

Other Credentials: • Yoga for Anxiety workshops with Bo Forbes, Tracey Soghrati and Ashley Turner. • 5-day meditation retreat with Michael Stone

My Teaching Philosophy: I teach because I love sharing my passion for this practice. Yoga has helped me work through lifelong struggles with anxiety and negative body image. Learning how to connect more deeply to what’s within, while moving the body with the breath has been transformative. Yoga has been my biggest, most profound teacher. How could I not want to share that with anybody and everybody with a yoga mat!?!

My Happy Place: I love to write, read and explore new places. If I could do all of those things in a beautiful, warm place that I had to take an airplane to get to — I would most definitely be in my Happy Place.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Deborah Lim

Yoga Certifications: • RYT 500

Other Credentials:
• Every day I learn from the school of life. Each person I come into contact with teaches me something. These moments are precious to me and helps me to appreciate even the hardest moments.

My Teaching Philosophy: Yoga turned everything that I knew my life to be upside-down, and I am so grateful that it has. Yoga and its teachings are how I get through my tough times - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is why I share yoga with others, through teaching, writing, making videos, sewing props, and encouraging people in their everyday lives.

My Happy Place: I try to find a happy place every single day. Sometimes it’s easy, and when it’s not as easy and I find it, it is all the more sweeter. Taking a deep and slow breath, I come to the present moment and am able to find beauty, awe, and wonder in nearly anything and anyone. That is my bliss.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Jessica Ullathorne

Yoga Certifications • 200hr • 300hr Therapeutic Yoga

Other Credentials: • 30hr Trauma Sensitive Training + 10hr Mental Health Sensitivity Training. • Ongoing Yoga Philosophy Training

My Teaching Philosophy: A dancer and mover her entire life, I hope to share the deeply healing power connecting movement with the breath to people from all walks of life and abilities. I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with others and creating a compassionate atmosphere that nourishes body, mind, heart and soul. I am deeply connected to the study of yoga philosophy, meditation and yoga tradition. Healing practices inspire my teaching, which I unite with playfulness and curiosity. I hope to inspire my students to use their yoga practice as a means to coming into a deeper understanding of self.

My Happy Place: Traveling all over the world.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Lauren Singleton

Yoga Certifications: • 500hrs YogaFit Training Systems

Other Credentials: • Fitness Instructor Specialist • 30+ years experience teaching Fitness

My Teaching Philosophy: I embrace a holistic perspective to my yoga practice and teaching – encompassing mind, body and spirit. I encourage my students to use and understand yoga as a means for greater self-love and greater purpose. Specializing in Vinyasa Yoga, I guide my students through a practice that will serve to strengthen the body and un-leash the power of the mind. I believe strongly in the power of Yoga as a tool for self-healing and strive to engender that belief in my teaching. I continue to study, use mantra, music, meditation and Yoga for healing.

My Happy Place: I practice the power of NOW and am most at peace while in the garden, playing music or taking long walks on the beach. I am thrilled to be part of the peace, love and connection that is at the core of the yoga community at PŪR, both as a teacher and forever a student.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Lisa Veronese

Yoga Certifications: • E-RYT 500 • Prenatal Yoga • PranaDanda Yoga (Shiva Rea)

Other Credentials: • Reiki L1 • Movement for Trauma L1

My Teaching Philosophy: Over the past 20 years, Yoga has been my constant: it has helped me to navigate the storms of life, to find more peace in my body and more adaptability in my mind. I am grateful to be learning and teaching in this transformative field, and to hold space for such a wonderful community to move and grow together. My classes blend yoga and movement to create challenging, playful, and grounding experiences.

My Happy Place: I love to travel the world, write and read, play and listen to music, and to take photographs on walks around Toronto. I'm a proud Beacher, and my son and rescue dog make me ridiculously happy.


+ Sacha Bryce

Sacha Bryce, BSc, RYT-500+ practices Holistic Yoga Therapy with the intention of liberating self-created limitations - in mind, body, breath or voice - to uncover what is in the way of us all embodying the truth of who we really are.


+ Sheila Gill

Yoga Certifications: • 200hr Anusara Teacher Training • 1000hrs continued Anusara Training + Therapeutics • Dedicated study in the Iyengar tradition

Other Credentials: • MA in Equity Studies • 4-year Diploma in Integral Healing • Registered Psychotherapist

My Teaching Philosophy: I have taught yoga since 2008 because I love being with people in this real, and alive way, and because I am passionate about sharing practices that have helped me to grow and heal, through my entire adult life. My yoga and teaching are intent on guiding and refining the energy of the mind, in order that it serve to re-awaken the intelligence of the body. I consider Hatha yoga to be a very literal process. We train the mind to work in a highly focused way within this beautiful design that is the human body. We encourage mind to anchor more deeply, more humbly, in this heart and soul of a person. When this yoga takes root, deep healing and transformation occur, on many levels.

My Happy Place: These days I am super happy when I get to sing! I love being on my bike, being by the lake and hanging out with my dog and family, not necessarily in that order!

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions

Me beach cropped:small.jpeg

+ Teresa Bottaro

Yoga Certifications: • E-RYT 200

My Teaching Philosophy: I came to yoga to cope with challenging situations in my personal life. It wasn't a straightforward journey (as it never is), but it has been critical in my quest for well-being. The transformation I have seen in myself is the catalyst for wanting to take this on as a profession. I carry this with me every time I teach. I understand that everyone is unique and that my job is to hold space, share insights, and offer a practice that will hopefully allow others to find solace in this profound act of self-care, whatever that means to them. My biggest wish is for people to know that there really is a yoga for everyone, regardless of physical abilities, size, age, lifestyle, interests or anything else that may be perceived as a hindrance and that I can be part of that discovery.

My Happy Place: Anywhere warm with good food, good entertainment and good company. (and sometimes that good company is just me, myself and I and the entertainment is my own thoughts!). And of course, yoga. Really, it is any opportunity where I can slow down, soothe and reconnect with my spirit and the pleasures of life.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions

Vicki T - Copy.jpg

+ Vicki Tarrant

Vicki is a yoga teacher based in Toronto. Her approach to teaching yoga is contemporary, inter-disciplinary, trauma informed and innovative. Her style of teaching is in constant evolution reflecting her personal investigation into yoga, current and past teachers, and the zeitgeist we live in.

She skillfully weaves themes and insight from years of personal practice and a deep curiosity about life together with poetic metaphor, anatomy, and humour, placing emphasis on the therapeutic and holistic value of yoga for our body mind and lives. Her approach centres on offering somatic sensitive instruction that invites students to cultivate their curiosity, exploring and mapping their own body mind experience with the tools of yoga, at their own pace.

Inspired by the processes of ageing, Vicki has studied therapeutic yoga applications for Osteoporosis with Ellen Saltonstall and Dr. Fischer, NY. She recently commenced training in Somatic Experiencing®. Vicki has been practicing yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2003. She was a previously a licensed Anusara® yoga teacher (2004-2012) and is now independent of any particular school or lineage of yoga. Vicki has also lived and taught yoga in Tucson and Tel Aviv. She founded a nomadic yoga centre in East Toronto in 2010, that continues to thrive and since then has consistently offered yoga to the local community.


+ Ashley Lord

Yoga Certifications: • 10,000+hrs Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher including: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Strength & Mobility and Trauma Informed Yoga.

Other Credentials: • 1000+hrs Healing Arts Practitioner (Sound and Energy Healing) • Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 • Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach

My Teaching Philosophy: LOVE. Here, there is powerful opportunity for healing. May we look towards the rivers that run deep with us, as we learn to lean into discomfort, to uncover magic in the spaces, where we find ourselves disconnected from love.

My Happy Place: Rising with the sun, quiet mornings in nature with a cup of tea, writing poetry.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Cindy Campbell

Yoga Certifications: • Iyengar Yoga Teacher with Junior Intermediate II certification and 5,000+ hours of study.

Other Credentials: • Continual study with my Senior Iyengar Teacher twice a week • 4-6 intensives each year (e.g. 30-day Sadhana; five-day intensive; four-day AGM for Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada (IYAC) featuring a Senior Iyengar Teacher from India once a year) • 20-hour training for scoliosis modifications for students • IYAC editor for the assessment documents for the last 12 years

My Teaching Philosophy: Helping other people is the key to becoming a better person. This idea is the basis of karma yoga, using work and service as a way of awakening one’s self, and others. The wisdom of the Yamas and the Niyamas of the Sutras of Patanjali points us in the direction of understanding how to approach our teachers, our students and our own practice. I choose to teach for my journey, on my journey to becoming that better person.

My Happy Place: is a warm morning on my front porch with a view of my garden, feet on the railing, a novel in hand, tea on the table beside me, my cat on my lap.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Esther Szabo

Yoga found Esther in her late twenties when a friend took her to a well-known Ashtanga studio in Toronto. Despite a fit body, an athletic up-bringing and a health-conscious attitude - she was training for a marathon at the time - yoga kicked her butt. She was instantly humbled by it physically and emotionally.

While working as a Nutritionist at the time and despite having a real passion for helping people, she really did not see her clients changing patterns of behaviour and getting healthier. With yoga she saw people reshaping their entire lives and decided then that she would one day teach yoga. That was well over a decade ago. She has great respect and reverence for this practice and will consider herself a humble student of yoga forever.

She has never had an ego about this practice and is a yogini today because nothing else makes sense to her. Yoga continues to challenge, humble, humour and empower her. She needs yoga to exist harmoniously. She needs it for so much more than stress relieving. Although having reshaped her body faster than any other health-regime, she has never considered it exercise. It is more akin to therapy. It helps her check in with herself, it helps her think and feel clearly, it helps her stay in the moments of her life more profoundly.

Esther is a graduate of Yogaspace's YTT program at the RYT200 level, as well as a graduate of their Therapeutic Yoga program. She continues to study and take workshops in Iyengar, Yin and Restorative Yoga. She is also a Nutritionist and holds her NCCP Coach and CPR certificates.


+ Lisa Greenbaum

Yoga Certifications: • E-RYT 500 • C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist • YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider) • 175+hr Trauma-Informed Yoga

Other Credentials: • Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer since 2001.

My Teaching Philosophy: Is to empower my students through the practice of Yoga and mindfulness as a means towards a deeper connection to Self. I love teaching group classes because of the community aspect that is fostered, and also why I love teaching at PŪR. I like to bring an easy-going style to my classes, encouraging us all to honour and listen to our bodies throughout our practice.

My Happy Place: Anytime I can be near water, exploring new places and also enjoying the simple life at home with double cat cuddles and my hubby.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions

Lorena Santacruz.jpg

+ Lorena Santacruz

Yoga Certifications: • RYT 300 • 50hr Yin Yoga • Kundalini

Other Credentials: • Canfit Personal Trainer Specialist • Kids Yoga Teacher • Breath Work Facilitator

My Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy has evolved as I have and is now based on compassion, self love and transformation through the power of the breath.

I provide a safe space for students to explore the depths of themselves physically and spiritually. Dynamic movement combined with breath work has the power to change things physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

I am here to guide students through a practice of self discovery and exploration, my goal is for them to experience the magic and wisdom that’s already inside of them and have them build a relationship with their inner teacher.

I might be the yoga teacher but we are all students and teachers to each other; I am grateful for every encounter knowing it’s teaching me something.

My Happy Place: My happy place is hOMe that feeling in my heart deep in the jungle of Costa Rica or the forest in Santa Cruz.

Also a warm hug in a cup coconut latte :)


+ Sara Glencross

Yoga Certifications: • 200hrs Hatha • 50+ hrs including Trauma Informed, Mindfulness Meditation and Restorative trainings

My Teaching Philosophy: My philosophy includes a gentle caring and compassionate approach. I am passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space for each student with an attentiveness to individuals mental and physical health differences. I love teaching and facilitating an opportunity for a meaningful and authentic practice that might produce awe and wonder. Moments of pause and stillness can be a powerful and beautiful kindness to oneself that we all deserve.

My Happy Place: My happy place is a crisp quiet morning on Lake Huron, Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

IMG_E0042 copy.jpg

+ Steven White

Yoga Certifications: •200hr in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga

Other Credentials: •Animal Flow level 1 •Tai Chi Chuan level 1

My Teaching Philosophy: I like to teach because it’s fun. You’re more likely to stick with the disciplines you enjoy so I want to help people enjoy moving as much as I do. In addition to this, I like the idea of pushing past one’s limits – it’s great when you get into an asana for the first time and realize you are capable of more than you think you are. I’d like to help others share in that feeling and reach their potential.

My Happy Place: is being at my grandparents’ cabin in Newfoundland, nestled in a valley, situated along the coastline. I spent a lot of my childhood summers here. Picking berries, going fishing, taking walks, and enjoying nature.

I am available for Private Yoga Sessions


+ Toni Blay

Yoga Certifications: • E-RYT200 + RYT 500 • YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider) • 100hr Certificate in PTSD and Trauma Sensitive Yoga • 1000+hrs of yoga educational training

Other Credentials: • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Practitioner.
• TRX for fitness, TRX for Yoga Certified • Certified Personal Trainer • Stott Pilates Certified • 30+ years experience in Yoga, Pilates and Fitness

My Teaching Philosophy: I have a deep and abiding respect for anatomy, and both energetic and physical movement. I believe that Yoga and movement practice is a lifelong journey, shifting with the tides of life, with endless paths to explore, inspire and support continued personal growth. I love to watch clients move and grow with attention to and acceptance of the messages from their own body and breath. I believe that compassion for our personal movement and breath practices are the seat of intention for our approach to life. My approach as a teacher is to guide students in the discovery of both the energetic and physical messages of their body and spirit.

My Happy Place: Being a student of life and of movement, exploring new places and trying new adventures, standing on a paddle board in the middle of the lake, horseback riding in the mountains, performing my personal movement practice, watching a student discover something new about themselves or their body, walking along the water with my dog Bella, laughing and playing with my daughters.


·     200 hours is a standard Yoga Teacher Certification and represents 200 hours of study. 

·     RYT refers to Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (non-profit accreditation body)

·     E-RYT refers to Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with a minimum of 1000 teaching hours in Yoga for 200hr RYTs, or 2000 hours for 500hr RYTs.