Arrive on Time

Doors to the studio will be closed promptly at the start of each class. We recommend arriving minimum 10 minutes early. Depending on the class late arrivals will not be permitted.

Please no jackets, bags, shoes or cell phones in the studio

Bags, jackets, shoes and cell phones are not allowed in the studio. Please be sure to leave all personal belongings at the front. Please take shoes off inside the foyer. Please do not leave your cell phone on. When there is no one at the front desk, the outer door of the studio is locked during class for safety.

Mat Usage

Rentals: please see the front desk to purchase a mat rental. Mats are available to rent for $2. If you are a monthly member then mat rentals are free. Used rental mats may be placed in the designated basket for later cleaning.

Storage: If you store your mat at the studio please ensure that:

1. Your mat is labeled (tags are available at the front desk) and being stored in the correct location.

2. You have paid to store your mat ($10/month) or you are a monthly member (free storage).

Please ask a staff member for assistance in getting mats down from higher shelves.

Please keep studio doors closed

All studio doors are to remain closed unless instructors have opened them.

Silence in class

Speak quietly in the studio out of respect for other students and the teacher.

Do not leave class early

Leaving your class prematurely is disruptive to other students. If you feel fatigued or uncomfortable, please lie down on your mat until the end of class. Unless you have spoken to the teacher beforehand.


Once your class has finished, if there is another one afterwards please do not linger in the main studio room. Return all props and take your belongings with you. Conversations can be held at a respectable volume in the lobby.